Building Maintenance

The Building Maintenance Section - at the end of African Street, opposite the Prospect Field sports ground - employs artisans in a variety of trades. To ensure that repairs and maintenance are carried out in good time, authorised staff should send an ONLINE REQUISITION to the relevant trade - with 1 trade per requisition.

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The summary of trades in the Building Maintenance Section :

  • Carpenters (3): timber work (doors, shelving, ceilings, etc), blinds (venetian, roller), roof work.

  • Plumbers (4): water pipes, plumbing (kitchen, bathroom, etc), gutter cleaning.

  • Masons (5): brick and mortar work (walls, buildings, etc).

  • Furniture repairers (6): Furniture Repairs

  • Locksmiths (7): Locksmiths

  • Painters (9): painting work (walls, ceilings, etc), simple spray-painted signage.

  • Glazing (10): windows and glass.

  • Flooring (14): floor surfaces and carpeting.

  • Renovations and alterations: the Estates Operations Manager coordinates building alterations and renovation operations (where several trades are involved).

The Building Maintenance Section makes arrangements with outside contractors for certain services. All queries can be directed to extension 8421/2 or email U.Lugongolo(at)

Please note:

  • Maintenance of equipment and appliances is carried out by the Engineering Maintenance Section,

  • Architectural drawings are provided by the University draughtsperson,

  • Window cleaning is managed by Housekeeping Services

  • Venue faults (e.g. lights not working in lecture rooms) should be reported to the Registrar's Division Facilities Office on email facilities(at)

  • A limited after-hours and weekend service is provided to deal with emergencies and breakdowns. View the Building Maintenance Services A-Z

More info

  • Contact: RU extension 8421/2 (secretary), u.lugongolo(at)

  • Manager: Mr Cromwell Dyala, RU extension 7439, c.dyala(at)

  • Map: search "Building Maintenance" at

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  • Maintenance requests: authorised staff may submit an ONLINE REQUISITION

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