The Electrical Maintenance Section - situated in the main services building adjacent to the Transport Workshop and Transport Yard at the top of Artillery Road, near Jan Smuts Hall - employs artisans who are responsible for all electrical installations, faults and repairs on campus. This includes electrical faults in appliances, kitchen equipment and electric geysers and boilers supplying hot water and central heating, and the replacement of burnt-out or defective lamps and fluorescent tubes.

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Please note:

  • Repairs to damaged or worn metal components of equipment, vacuum pumps, etc, are done by the Engineering Maintenance Section.

  • Used fluorescent lights constitute a form of hazardous waste, and should be submitted to this section for environmentally responsible disposal.

  • A limited after-hours and weekend service is provided to deal with emergencies and faults.

More info

  • Contact: RU extension 8034/7 or 8275 (secretary), n.buwa(at)

  • Manager: Mr Wally Bufe, RU extension 8033, w.bufe(at)

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