Head office

The head office of Facilities Services, within the Division of Infrastructure and Operations, is at 35 South Street, across the road from the back gate of the Bantu Steve Biko building (student union).

Facilities Management office

  • Facilities Manager: Mr Andy Hatting +27-046-603-7201, a.hatting(at)

  • Accounts Clerk: Ms R Walton +27-046-603-8134, r.walton(at)

  • Snr Tech Asst/Draughtsperson: Mr Kevin Wolhuter +27-046-603-8126, k.wolhuter(at)

  • Power Monitoring & Access Control: Mr Calvin Pittaway +27-046-603-7203, c.pittaway(at)

  • Space Management & Signage: t.b.a. +27-046-603-7202, .....(at)

  • Lecture venues & theatre management committees: Mr Cromwell Dyala +27-046-603-7439, c.dyala(at)

  • Maintenance Stores Supervisor: Mr Samuel Gill +27-046-603-8150/8122, s.gill(at)

Facilities Services Sections

  • Grounds & Gardens: Manager: Mr Mark Hazell +27-046-603-7208, grounds(at)

  • Building Maintenance - Manager: Mr Cromwell Dyala +27-046-603-7439, c.dyala(at)

  • Electrical Maintenance - Manager: Mr Wally Bufe +27-046-603-8033, w.bufe(at)

  • Engineering, Mechanical and Transport - Manager: Mr Dave Martin +27-046-603-8238, d.martin(at)

The Division of Infrastructure and Operations organisational structure includes the following departments: Residential Operations; Administration, Finances and Procurement; Facilities Servicing; and Infrastructure and Operations Systems.

More info

  • Contact: RU extension 8125 or email estates(at)

  • Facilities Services Deputy Director: t.b.a.

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