Project Procedures

It is essential that all Rhodes University sections and divisions communicate with each other before commencing work on infrastructure.

Works Mailing List

The works@lists mailing list is intended to allow those divisions and sections involved in civil works on campus to announce their intention to break ground (install pipes, data sleeves, electrical cables, foundations, etc) or undertake major work within an existing building (knock down walls, rip out fixtures, etc).

Bear in mind the following:

  1. Routes of existing underground services.

  2. Macro plans for realignment of roads, new buildings & landscape improvements.

  3. The need to allow for service providers within the university to comment, plan and participate in any trenching or construction activities that would allow sharing of common services, trenches, ducting, construction processes, etc, in order to reduce overheads.

  4. Avoiding unnecessary expenditure caused by damage to infrastructure, e.g. by driving over lawns and irrigation systems, entering service areas, dumping cement and rubble, digging up pipes, cutting through roots of trees, etc.

Stakeholders include:

Facilities Department

  • Administration and Operations (Andy Hatting - ext 7201) - for comment on all plans for trenches, construction, etc.

Grounds and Gardens

  • Assistant Manager Horticulture (Philip Crous - ext 7208) - for all lawns, gardens & street tree issues
  • Assistant Manager Operations (Luc Marechal - ext 8241) - for roads, pavements and sports fields.


  • Manager (Wally Bufe - ext 8033) - for all matters pertaining to electrical installations and underground cabling.

Building Maintenance

  • Manager Building Maintenance (Cromwell Dyala - ext 7439) - for all matters pertaining to water mains, plumbing, sewage and building foundations.


  • Manager Engineering (Dave Martin - ext 8238) - for all matters pertaining to boiler pipes, heat pumps, air conditioning infrastructure, etc.

IT Division 

  • Telecommunications Manager (John Stevens - ext 8279) - for all matters pertaining to information technology and telecommunications network and cabling.

Under NO circumstances should any contractor be allowed to commence construction / work on any site without first having informed the above sections and gained permission for access, storage, etc. 

If any damage is caused, the project should be held responsible for providing for  full reinstatement of ALL disturbed areas. Final payments should not be approved until such time as all relevant parties sign off that the site has been left in an acceptable manner.

More info

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