Signage on Rhodes University campus may be used for diverse purposes, such as building names, recycling depots or route markers. Signage requests will not be processed without an account number.

Requests for Signage

To ensure that signage adheres to the University's aesthetic standards, and is prepared in good time, authorised staff should contact and send an online Requisition to:

  •  Signage (15): metal or plastic signs. Queries may be directed to Ndumi on ext 7202 or e-mail n.magodla(at)


  • Painters (9): simple spray-painted signs (applied directly to a surface, using a template): exit, running man, directional arrows. Queries may be directed to Building Maintenance on ext 8421/2 or email U.Lugongolo(at) 

Find out more about:

  • Safety Signage: notices and signs are required to meet safety criteria, especially with regard to electrical, mechanical, protective equipment, traffic signs, and safety symbols. 

  • Safety Signs.pdf guidelines.

More info

  • Contact: RU extension 8125 or email estates(at)

  • Facilities Manager: Mr Andy Hatting, RU extension 7201, a.hatting(at)

  • Map: search "Estates" at

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  • Maintenance requests: authorised staff may submit an ONLINE REQUISITION

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